Did you know crickets are low-fat while being rich in protein, fiber, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, omega-3, calcium and all nine of the essential amino-acids?

Might seem crazy at first but crickets provide indeed a perfect balance to your healthy diet. And actually 80% of the world population already includes insects in their food culture!

Cambodia needs better nutrition. One in three people in the country are malnourished, and in rural areas the rates of severe and mild acute malnutrition in children are alarming. We produce cricket powder as base for alternative nutritious products, from snacks to supplements, to target both low-income communities and urban-based populations.

Some more info nutritional info for cricket powder:

Energy: 1973kJ (472kCal)
Protein: (g) 58.76
Fat: (g) 24
Saturated Fat: (g) 8.48
Trans Fat: (g) .218
Cholesterol: (mg) 228
Carbohydrates: (g) 8.4
Fiber, total dietary: (g) 6.0
Sugars: (g) 0.5
Ash: (g) 6.5
Calcium: (g) 0.11
Iron: (g) 0.002
Potassium: (g) 1.1
Sodium: (g) 0.31
Omega-3: (g) 2.81
Omega-6: (g) 6.28
Saturate Fatty Acids: (g) 8.48
Cis-Monounsaturated: (g) 5.14
Cis-Polyunsaturated: (g) 9.09
B-12: (ug) 24

Or check this report from FAO for more information on the use of edible insects for fixing our food production.

We are researching a broad range of different products to meet all needs, so if you have any ideas or are interested to collaborate, do send us a message through our contact page 🙂