We are based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Say hello to the cricket bongs at info@eatcriche.com or +855 (0) 96 735 5763.

You can buy our cricket powder and POPCRICKETS snacks on various shops in Phnom Penh or Kokopon e-commerce platform.

About us

EatCriche is a social startup from Cambodia composed by four young cricket-eating entrepreneurs passionate about changing the food industry for the better, both to our bodies and to our planet. The cricket bongs (brother, in Khmer language) are:

Indranil, the cricket geek: a robotics engineer from India and Australia with extensive experience in building tech products and launching startups. Currently working as an advisor to Cricket House, a social enterprise helping Cambodian farmers to raise crickets (and supplier for EatCriche).

Alessio, the cricket executive officer: a marketing and sales consultant of social enterprises for the last two years in Cambodia, with university degrees in economics of resources and environmental engineering, as well as experience in launching a few brands back in his home in Italy.

Si Ly, the cricket chef: a Cambodian talented chef with a special touch for insects-based creative cooking, studying arts and design in the Royal Fine Arts University of Phnom Penh. In the past worked as well in two different family restaurants and as freelance translator for different organizations and projects.

Miguel, the creative cricket: a freelance photographer and curator with a master in AI and a past of social entrepreneurship in his hometown in Portugal and social work in India. In Cambodia for the last 4 years collaborating with NGOs to visually document the impact of their projects, as well as organizing more than 30 art exhibitions.