Cricket food, hand-made in Cambodia with love

Join the healthy and sustainable food revolution to feed the next billion! We offer cricket protein powder, roasted cricket snacks, baked goods, and more!

Cricket protein powder you can add to your smoothies and baking!

Did you know crickets are low-fat while being rich in protein, fiber, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, omega-3, calcium and all nine of the essential amino-acids?


Coming in sweet or spicy, the best snack for your gatherings with friends and family! Healthy and sustainable, its the best companion for a beer or a movie. #LaorAF

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We are focused on the food of the future, aiming to feed the next billion.

Why joining the cricket revolution?

On average crickets consume almost 3000 times less greenhouse emissions than red meat. Also 12 times less feed, 200 times less land and 22000 times less water. Even comparing to plant-based proteins crickets are so much better for the environment their impact is hard to see in graphics!

Not only the planet will thank you but also your body. Crickets are packed on average with 70% protein, besides fiber, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, omega-3 and calcium.

Our cricket powder and snacks are handmade in Cambodia, helping community farmers to raise their income in a sustainable way.

Our value proposition is making healthy and sustainable sources of protein accessible to many, in a new and more appealing way. We help people have a complete and efficient diet without regular meat and diary products, providing a complete set of vitamins and minerals towards a world without malnutrition. 

We truly believe the insect revolution is coming to save our planet from malnutrition and climate change!

Our vision is to create a multi-product food brand based on edible crickets and its derivatives for a more efficient and healthy nutrition, without harming the planet on the way. We use Cambodia’s local resources to sustain farmers and economy, leading the country to be a strong player in the international market of future food. If you are interested to partner with us to create more products, including energy bars and low-cost food supplements and snacks to fight malnutrition, say hello to or meet the team here.

Hearing crickets? Connect with us on eatcrichefacebook or eatcricheinstagram for more updates and join the revolution!